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Government Bans Film Screening

Freedom Forum has been seriously concerned over the government's ban on a film recently. Film is one of the strong means to articulate ideas and opinions and impart information, Restriction the screening of this means is a brazen violation of freedom of expression.

The film, ATM, which was provided adult certificate by the Censor Board, was banned from screening, reasoning that it contained indecent scenes.

Although the classification of the film was positive, it was against the freedom of expression to ban its screening. 'As per the international standard of freedom of expression, the government can only classify the film based on the suitability of minors but cannot prevent film from screening', said
Freedom Forum Chairperson Taranath Dahal, adding that it was a move to fence in constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of expression and opinion.

In this respect, Freedom Forum urges the government to withdraw its action and allow the screening of film by categorizing it in terms of age.