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Ward Secretary misbehaves with reporter- Update

Freedom Forum is concerned over misbehavior against reporter Pratap Rana associated with Kantipur Daily. The incident occurred on April 29, 2019, at Tanahu district of Gandaki Province ( Province 4). 

Freedom Forum representative for Province 4 Rajan Upadhyay reported that Ward Secretary of Bhimad Municipality  Ramesh Prakash Baral misbehaved with the journalist Rana while he visited the municipality office for reporting about the misuse of Natural Resources in the Municipality. During the interview with ward secretary about this issue, he furiously denied giving information to the journalist and offended the journalist Rana.


On May 1, the ward chair apologized for misbehaving with the journalist and committed to cooperate media for easy access to information on the municipality's activity among citizens.   

Misbehaving with journalist on duty is condemnable and sheer violation of press freedom and right to information. It is journalists' right to report on the issues of public concern and make public informed. Hence, FF urges the concerned authority to respect the rights of free press and journalists thereby, ensuring free reporting atmosphere to those.

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