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Rita Rijal; A student leader arrested for writing in social media under cyber crime
|April 29, 2020

Rita Rijal, one of the student leaders of the Nepal Students Union has been arrested after writing against the former Inspector General of Police,...

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Hospital staff suspended for criticizing hospital administration
|April 28, 2020

Rapti Institute of Health Sciences has terminated the contract of Doctor Amrita Shrestha and Nurse Prakriti DC for criticizing the hospital adminis...

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Former Secretary remanded in custody over a social media post
|April 23, 2020

Freedom Forum shows its concern towards the arrest of former Secretary Bhim Upadhyay for allegedly posting negative comments on the gover...

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Police arrest Khan under indecent behavior
|March 29, 2020

Freedom Forum condemns the arrest of Sakif Khan for allegedly speaking foul on the police and the politicians. The 22-year-old from Pakadi of Kapil...

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