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Anti-corruption campaigner beaten to death

An anti-corruption campaigner Gyanendra Shahi was mercilessly beaten by ruling Nepal Communist Party cadres in Chitwan city on September 29. Chitwan lies in Province 3 of Nepal.

According to the information received at Freedom Forum, activist Shahi was attacked by an unidentified group of youth who not only attacked him but also vandalized his vehicle for leading an anti-government demonstration.

He has been severly injured in the incident and is under treatment at Chitwan Medical College.

Gyanendra Shahi has been exposing irregularities & corruption government & political parties have been involved in.

At a time when Nepal government is sharing international community the features of Nepal's democracy, the ruling party cadres are brutally attacking citizen for expressing views againt corruption and irregularities. Government is itself, tampering citizen's rights.

"Civic space and free expression atmosphere are shrinking owing to growing antagonistic nature of government and ruling party cadres in Nepal. It is a serious threat to citizen's rights", argues FF's Executive Chief Taranath Dahal. "Is he not allowed to criticize in democracy? Beating freedom of expression practitioners, terrorizing critics & spreading fear among public does not suit the system", he said.

Freedom Forum condemns the attack as it is sheer violation of civic rights which is guaranteed by the constitution. Hence, FF urges the government and the concerned authorities to provide free atmosphere for its citizens to exercise their rights.

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