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Municipality chief attacks information seeker

Municipality chief attacks information seeker

Photo: Binod Kumar Yadav receiving treatment after the attack/ Credit: Rajan SIngh

A municipality chief and his officials brutally attacked a local Binod Kumar Yadav for seeking information in Bara on October 8. Bara lies in Province 2 of Nepal.

As per information provided by Freedom Forum’s representative Rajan Singh, Chief Mahendra Yadav, officer Nabin Kumar Srivastav and a political cadre Ranjit Yadav attacked him for requesting information about the progress of a road constructed at Subarna rural municipality.

Yadav, also coordinator of a political party was attacked while registering the RTI application.

Talking to representative Singh, Yadav shared that he was denied information twice before and was even asked to pay Rs 10,000 to get the required information.

Freedom Forum condemns the incidents as it is sheer violation of citizen’s right to information. Irrespective of being affiliated to any political party, Yadav is a citizen and every citizen has the right to seek information at the public authorities as guaranteed by Nepal’s constitution. 

Hence, FF strongly urges the concerned authority to punish the attackers and facilitate the municipality authority to provide the information requested using RTI thereby, ensuring citizen’s right to information. 


Both parties have come to a mutual understanding and resolved the case. 

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