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Threat to party leader for his views

Protesting against his views broadcast on a television, the agitating 30-party alliance led by the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has warned of preventing standing committee member of the Communist Party of Nepal (UML), Satya Narayan Mandal, from entering his home district, Saptari, on January 16.

In an interview to the Himalaya TV on Januaary 15, leader Mandal had said the hills could not be separated from mountain and southern plains while federalizing the country. Protesting this very view, the 30-party alliancce warned leader Mandal of not allowing him to his district.

Freedom of speech/expression is the fundamental rights of citizen enshrined in the constitution, so protesting Mandal's views and threatening him was  against his right to free speech and the rights to free mobility.

In a democratic state, freedom of expression is respected. But, in the name of their rights, the 30-party alliance is threatening others' rights.

Freedom Forum condemns the threat on leader Mandal, and strongly urges the 30-party alliance to respect other's rights while advocating own's rights.

Freedom Forum

Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal