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YouTube Presenter arrested for critical review of a movie

FF is concerned over arrest of a YouTube channel 'meme Nepal' presenter Pranesh Gautam for making a review of recently released movie Bir Bikram 2 on June 7 in Kathmandu. Kathmandu lies in Province 3.

In conversation with FF's representative Ashok Dahal, Sahakul Thapa chief of metropolitan police crime division Teku said, "Gautam has not only defamed the movie artists on the youtube video posted from Meme Nepal channel but also used slang words to make mockery of the movie," Thapa further added. The police officer said that the crime division has planned to present Gautam at Kathmandu district court and file case under  ETA.

According to the Meme Nepal director of the movie Milan Chams accused the reviewer Pranesh Gautam for making review under the influence of drugs. 

Adarsha Mishra, who is among admin of the page shared, ''  Earlier we had received several threat for legal action from the movie team if the critical review is not pulled out from youtube channel''

Further, Mishra added "We have  pulled out the movie review from our channel now.''

FF believes expression in any form of media comes under freedom of expression regime. So, this arrest warrants severe attention.

However, Police has said Gautam allegedly demanded money from the movie team for promotion of Bir Bikram 2 using his social media platform and made critical review after not getting money from the movie maker.