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Youth held for protesting against government activity

Two youths were arrested from the protest against the government in Pyuthan district on February 16 . Pyuthan lies in Lumbini Province of Nepal.

As per the information received at Freedom Forum, cadres of the student wing of Nepali Congress party Tuna Ram Khatri and Sagar GM were arrested for protesting against the government. They have been reported that they chanted slogans against Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, decrying his move to dissolve parliament.

Lately, political parties, leaders and their student wings have been protesting against the dissolution of the House of Representatives in Nepal. The case is currently in sub judice in court. 

Freedom Forum has recorded many other incidents of violation of freedom of speech in different parts of country. A week back, a female youth leader was briefly detained for her speech. She was released after severe criticism.

Freedom Forum shows concern over the arrest of citizens for exercising their right to speech. It urges the concerned security agency to release them and respect their fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution. 

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