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Misuse of ETA  continues 

Akash Sedhain, a youth from Bhaktapur, was arrested for his pranks on the locals on February 15. Bhaktapur lies in Bagmati Province of Nepal. 

Sedhain has been arrested for filming his pranks and uploading to his youtube channel- Napali Prankster.

The statement issued by Cyber Bureau of Nepal Police sates that Sedhai has been arrested for physical and mental harassment to the citizens through his pranks at public places and has been charged under Electronic Transaction Act 2008. Sedhain is under judicial custody for seven days for further investigation. 

Freedom Forum has been concerned over the frequent misuse of ETA to harass citizens. If Sedhai had breached one's privacy, he could be filed case invoking other law like Individual Privacy Act. But, arrest of citizens like a criminal for mere exercise of free speech is against constitution.

Hence, FF urges the concerned authority to fairly investigate the case without infringing Sedhain's right to freedom of expression and misusing ETA . 

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