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Film denied approval merely over its 'title'

The Film Development Board Nepal has denied the approval for the development of a movie named “Gajabaja”, directed by Ganesh Dev Pandey (Tuka Entertainment) merely because of its 'title' (Gajabaja).

Director and the producers of the film shared the information with Freedom Forum that FDB denied approval to the film arguing that the term 'gaja' (marijuana) would promote marijuana.

Gaja is a contraband in Nepal.

The FDB refused to recognize the film merely because of its title, they said, adding that it was denied production since February 2016.

When the line ministry was inquired about this, it too said the word 'gaja' could be omitted, as it would not give good message.

Now, even a case has been filed at Supreme Court by the director and producers against the non-issuance of approval.

Freedom Forum condemns the obstruction on production of the film. It has grossly violated freedom of expression. The title of the film is neither offensive nor provocative. The title has nothing to wrong the social issue. Rather, as the producers argue the film is a story of change that discourages marijuana.

FF therefore strongly urges the FDB and the line ministry to immediately provide the approval to the film and protect and promote freedom of expression.

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