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Police person manhandles television reporter

A television correspondent with Janata Television, Salikram Pudasaini, was manhandled while reporting at Kalimati of central capital Kathmandu on May 26.

Talking to Freedom Forum's monitoring desk, correspondent Pudasaini shared, "While reporting about Nepal Police action after arresting public for drunk drive, one of the police persons on-duty shoved me speaking abusive words."

"After I fell on the ground, he angrily said, "As a journalist, you must behave as journalist with integrity, otherwise, I'll kick you", added Pudaisaini, quoting the police person.

Correspondent Pudasaini and his cameraperson had reached the place to report on the verification for drunk driving of the arrested ones through fake tests at the hospital.

Manhandling and abusing reporters on duty is against the notion of press freedom. Freedom Forum condemns the incident and strongly urges the police persons to be aware of the roles of media and information in society. They must respect press freedom and help ensure journalists' safety.

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