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Journalist attacked for writing news

At a time when the panic over media fraternity is still fresh with the public threat of attack on journalists by Itahari Sub-Metropolis Mayor, in Province 1, a journalist Rambabu Yadav has been attacked by a civilian, Raj Narayan Mahato, for writing news on June 5 in Mahottari, Province 2.  Journalist Rambabu Yadav is associated with The Public Today daily published from Mahottari.

FF's representative from Province 2, Rajan Singh, reported that Yadav had published news about domestic violence- the violence against women- involving Mahato. As per the news, Mahato had been physically and emotionally torturing his spouse.  Violence against women is a crime.

As journalist Yadav met Mahato to know more about the incident, he was beaten badly by Mahato. Claiming that the news has tarnished his image, Mahato attacked journalist Yadav.

Mahato who has two wives has been torturing the second wife after first wife gave birth to a child.

FF condemns the incident because it is a sheer violation of journalist's right to free reporting. Reporting on issues of public concern and to amplify the voice of voiceless is the duty of journalist. Journalist right should be respected by the civilian too. Hence, FF urges the concerned authority to take action against the attacker and help create a free and fair atmosphere for journalists.

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