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Journalist Ghimire taken under control briefly

Journalist Raj Kumar Ghimire was taken under control briefly by security officials for unknown reason from Pokhara on June 19. Pokhara lies in Gandaki Province. Later on the same day, he was released.

Journalist Ghimire is associated with an online news portal- www.sancharkendra.com 

According to FF's representative from Gandaki Province, Rajan Upadhyaya, journalist Ghimire was taken control for allegedly supporting Biplab-led Nepal Communist Party, which is banned by the government. 

After the release, Ghimire shared his status on Facebook, ''Police arrested me unethically for doing journalism. But I am released now with the support of my well-wishers.''

In conversation with FF's representative Upadhyaya, Kaski Police Head Dan Bahadur Karki however claimed that police had not arrested journalist Ghimire. Karki further said without any reason it is not necessary for police to arrest journalist.

FF shows concern over frequent intimidation on journalists. The security persons are urged not to arrest journalists and harassing them, but respect journalist's right to free reporting. Allegation without sufficient grounds and legitimate way is worrying indeed.