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Police officer manhandles reporter

Police officer manhandles reporter

Freedom Forum condemns security official's intimidation on reporter Sumit Mishra while reporting in Dhanusha on June 21. Dhanusha lies in Province 2 of Nepal. 

According to the information provided by FF's representative for Province 2 Rajan Singh, police officer manhandled the  reporter while reporting an argument between driver and the police.

Dhanusha-based ABC Television's reporter Mishra was taking photos & videos of the incident, meanwhile the police officer snatched his mobile and manhandled him. Mishra has sustained injury on his chest.

The incident is sheer violation of press freedom. Manhandling and obtructing reporers while doing their duty is against the constitutionally guaranteed rights of free press and right to information. Hence, FF urges the concerned authority to realize and respect the rights of journalists .

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