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Journalists on duty misbehaved

Freedom Forum is concerned over the misbehavior meted out to journalist duo Sujita Bam and Navaraj Neupane who were on duty at Radio Palata F.M. in Kalikot. The incident occurred in Karnali Province on August 3.

Journalists duo Bam and Neupane were mistreated by Jagadish Kumar Purve who is the health assistant in Jagannath Village Committee, Bajura.

According to F'F's representative for Karnali Province, Laxmi Bhandari, health assistant Purve mistreated staffs of F.M.for not broadcasting his news on the F.M. Purve was drunk when he mistreated to F.M. staffs.

Moreover, Purve also vandalized recorder and other equipment inside F.M. station due to which equipments were damaged.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident as it is a sheer violation of journalist right to free reporting. Along with the job security to the journalists, the respective media house should create safe environment ensuring physical security as well. FF strongly urges concerned authority to take the case seriously and ensure a safe environment for Journalists.

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