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Municipal executive member threatens journalist for writing news

Journalist Prakash Adhikari was threatened for writing news by Municipal executive member Rudra Kumari KC in Baglung on August 12. Baglung lies in Gandaki Province.

Journalist Adhikari is an editor of the online portal: saranginews.com.

A couple of days back, the online had published news about the racial dispute between Jaimini Municipal executive member Rudra Kumari KC and another member Devi Nepali at the committee meeting.

Freedom Forum representative for Gandaki Province, Rajan Pokharel reported that during the meeting KC used foul words to Nepali and the same issue had got coverage on the online portal.

Following it, journalist Adhikari was threatened over the phone by unknown number for writing news about Municipal executive member KC. Journalist Adhikari was also pressurized if written such news in the future, he will have to face bad consequences.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident as it violates journalists' right to report on public concern issues. Issuing threat to journalist merely for writing news is against the notion of press freedom. FF urges the concerned authority to investigate the case soon and ensure a safe environment for reporting.

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