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Journalist Abhilashi misbehaved for reporting the news

Journalist Navin Abhilashi was misbehaved while reporting about the irregularities of Rapti Academy of Health Science (RAHS) in in Dang on August 23. Dang lies in Province 5.

Journalist Abhilashi is an executive editor of  the Gadatantra national daily.

According to the FF's representative from Province 5, Sudip Gautam, Bir Bahadur Chaudhari, a guard of RAHS mistreated journalist Abhilashi by snatching camera. Further, Chaudhari aggressively said that journalists were not allowed to capture the image of RAHS.

Prior to this, twenty-five doctors at RAHS had resigned en masse. Despite the fact that doctors had resigned already, the RAHS admitted more than 100 patients. In the absence of doctors, patients were protesting against the management to return the fee they submitted for treatment. Hence, journalist Abhilashi had reached the RAHS to cover the same protest.

FF condemns the incident as it is against the right guaranteed by the constitution of Nepal. Misbehaving journalist merely for writing news is unwarranted. FF urges the concerned authority to ensure a safe environment for journalists.