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Arrest of nine journos, including FNJ secretary condemnable

Freedom Forum condemns the arrest of journalists from central administrative office of Nepal, Singha Durbar on 16 September 2019. The journos were arrested while demanding the restoration of sacked journalists from Radio Nepal.

Journalists namely FNJSecretary Ram Prasad Dahal, FNJ Central Member Yam Birahi, Janmadev Jaisi,Min Bam,Nepal Press Union Central Committee Member Dilip Poudel, Ajay Babu Shiwakoti, FNJ Doti Chair Yogendra Balayer, Prakash Bam and Chakra Kunwar were arrested from peaceful protest. 

It is gross violation of press freedom that authority ordered police to arrest journalists merely for their demand to get fellow journalist restored at Radio, a state-run media.The journalists, however, were released after 2 hours of detention.