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Threat to journalist Sunar for writing news

Journalist Lokendra Sunar was issued  threat for writing news by a local youth club in Baglung on October 16, 2019.  Baglung lies in Province 4.

Journalist Sunar is associated with www.ebaglung.com and Radio Pariwartan. 

According to FF's representative for Province 4, Rajan Upadhyaya,  journalist Sunar was intimidated by a local youth club's Vice-Chairperson Suraj BK team for writing news related to them which was not in their favor.

Prior to the incident,  www.ebaglung.com online had published news about the irregularities in the name of game based on the first Mayor Gold Cup and feast which was organized by the Burtibang Rising Youth Club. Following the news, the journalist was threatened by the Vice-Chairperson of the same club.

Later, the youth club apologized for the misbehavior meted out to journalist Sunar.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident as it is against the notion of press freedom guaranteed by the constitution of Nepal. Locals must respect the right of journalists guaranteed by the constitution. Hence, FF urges the concerned authority to ensure safety to journalists.

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