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Journalist abused while Reporting

Journalist Sumit Mishra has been abused by the Vice- President of Nepali Congress Bimalendra Nidhi. Mishra is associated with ABC Television as a reporter. On Nov 20, during a By-election assembly of Pipara Rural Municipality, Mishra raised a finger to Journalist Mishra with an underneath aggressiveness. Pipara Rural Municipality lies in the Saptari District of Province 2.

According to FF's source, Mishra, raised his finger using an abusive language, said, "Do not try to be smart ". The incident instigated when the journalist was taking a video of Nidhi while he was addressing the assembly.  When the video was being taken, a cadre of the Nepali Congress gave him a push from behind. When journalist Mishra showed dissent over his action, Nidhi from the stage started verbally abusing Mishra saying, "Hey Cameraman! Do not try to showoff; just silently stay where you belong".

Freedom Forum condemns the harassment because it is a sheer violation of press freedom and journalists' right to free reporting. Media have every right to report on the incidents relating to the public issues and to cover and capture such events. Journalists on duty should not be assaulted and created a favorable atmosphere for reporting. FF urges the concerned authority, and the Nepali Congress, to instruct its cadres to respect press freedom which helps boost democratic values. The safety of journalists is imperative to ensure professional journalism.

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