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Journalists obstructed from news reporting

Freedom Forum is concerned over an incident where the journalists associated with News24 have been prohibited to enter the premise of District Police Office, Kaski who were on their way to collect information on 29th Jan. They were stopped at the gate of the Office after the Chief Superintendent Dan Bahadur Karki gave such order. Kaski lies in Gandaki Province.

According to FF's representative for Gandaki Province, Rajan Upadhyay, one of the members of the Bureau team, Uttam Paudel told him, "The bureau members wanted to follow-up about the news of fake gold and an incident concerning intoxicated police who had shown up in the office drunk". However, Paudel and another journalist Rajendra Adhikari were denied access in the office's premises following the publication of news in News24nepal.com titled, "Fake gold in custody! And, the mysterious silence of Kaski Police".  They said that they are obligated to rely on external sources to collect news.

Preventing journalists from free reporting is sheer disrespect to media and violation of press freedom. FF urges the concerned authority to respect press freedom and journalists' right to free reporting. As journalists are exposing the wrongdoing and bringing it to light for future correction, they need to be allowed free reporting of the public events.