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Security Officials bar journalist from reporting

Journalists duo Hemraj Sijapati and Navin Sharma were barred from reporting by security officials at District Police Office, Dailekh. Dailekh lies in Karnali Province.

Journalist Sijapati is associated with  mccnepal.com.np online news portal and Sharma is associated with Image Channel.

According to the Freedom Forum Karnali Province representative Laxmi Bhandari, journalists duo, Sijapati and Sharma were restricted to report by security officials. According to journalist Sharma,'' Despite showing  our identity card, we were not allowed to enter District Police Office.'' Further, he said that Indian police were found in Nepal in their uniform and therefore, they were at the office to know more information about it.

District Police Office, Dailekh  Police Inspector Naina Bahadur Saud said that he is unknown about the incident.

FF is concerned about the incident where journalists were barred from free reporting. Barring journalists for free reporting is sheer disrespect to media and violation of press freedom. FF urges the concerned authority to respect press freedom and journalists' right to free reporting.

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