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Ward Chairperson attempts to attack Journalist for broadcasting news

Chairperson of Ward No 1 in Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan city, Santosh Mudbhari, and his people picketed the Radio Dhanagdhi office over a news broadcast on embezzlement allegedly with his alleged involvement. Dhangadhi lies in the Kailai district of Sudhur Paschim Province.

It was an attempt of attack on journalist Nabaraj Dhanuk associated with Radio Dhangadhi was made on April 12.

According to FF's representative Min Bam, Mudbhari along with his group of six persons picketed the Radio office over the news regarding the distribution of relief materials by the Chairperson. The chairperson attempted to attack the presenter of the radio program 'Hot Debate', Nabaraj Dhanuk but the residents of Ward No. 3 stopped them. 

Freedom Forum condemns the attack as it is a gross violation of press freedom. Despite the presence of alternative ways to express dissatisfaction and reservations upon news content, attacking journalists is severe intimidation and contributes to self-censorship. 

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