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Threat of attack on reporter over news

Reporter with the Nagarik daily, Dilip Poudel, has been issued threat of attack over a news story he reported for the daily on April 14, 2020. It occurred in the federal capital, Kathmandu.

Various persons issued the threat publicly via Facebook post even mentioning his number. Reporter Poudel had written a news on violence against women occurred in the capital city.Talking to Freedom Forum, reporter Poudel said, "I'm receiving numerous messages, threatening of attack. With the threats even on phone and Facebook, I'm worried of safety."

Anyone concerned over the news content can take legal recourse- lodging complaint at Press Council Nepal. But issuance of public threat against journalist merely for news writing is against press freedom. Calling for action against journalist over Facebook is further likely to stoke untoward incident against media persons.

Freedom Forum condemns the threat because it is gross violation of press freedom. FF also strongly urges the local administration and police authority to pay heed to safety of journalist Poudel to obviate any untoward incident that befalls him.


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