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Municipality's canteen owner abuses reporter

Govinda KC, Dailekh correspondent to Nagarik National Daily was verbally abused and threatened of attack for reporting on April 27. Dailekh is situated in Karnali Province of Nepal.

FF's representative Laxmi Bhandari reported that reporter KC was threatened by a canteen owner Chhatra Thapa for writing news about irregularities of Narayan Municipality, Dailekh. The news entitled- irregularities on purchase of relief materials- was published on Nagarik daily on April 22.

Following news publication, municipality's canteen owner Thapa abused reporter KC at public place saying why and at what expense the news report was made.

Representative Bhandari further stated that Thapa had even called goons to attack the reporter. However, police took Thapa under control later.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident as it is violation of press freedom and lauds police action to arrest the accused. Despite the availability of legitimate ways to express dissatisfaction over published news contents, local authority's action to harass journalist is deplorable. Hence, FF urges the concerned authority to resort lawful ways and respect journalists right to free reporting.

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