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Appellate Court’s Verdict in favour of journalist

The joint bench of Appellate Court, Patan Lalitpur, justice duo, Yekraj Acharya and Janardan Bahdur Khadka issued order in the name of the government to provide compensation of Rs. 15,000 to journalist Meena Sharma Tiwari on February 10, Tuesday. Sharma is still the Editor of Yekyabaddata Monthly Magazine.

The bench concluded that journalist Tiwari was illegally arrested and detained by security bodies under Ministry of Defense and Home and given physical and mental torture during the state of emergency six years ago.

Freedom Forum provided her the legal support under the banor of Press Freedom Grand Jury (PFGJ). Advocate duo Rishi Ram Ghimire and Sher Bahadur KC pleaded on behalf of the petitioner.

Journalist Sharma was detained for a month without issuing charge sheet and later extended detention for five months and nine days with order from District Administration Office (DAO), Kathmandu for house arrest. She was arrested on May 24, 2002 (2059-2-10) and released on November 5, 2002 (2059-7-19).

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