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Hospital staff issues death threat to journalist

A hospital staff issued death threat to Journalist Shital Sah, director at Radio Janakpur on May 13 in Dhanusha. Dhanusha lies in Province 2 of Nepal.

As per information provided by FF's representative Rajan Singh, Journalist Sah had broadcasted news about negligence and irregularities at COVID-19 testing lab in Janakpur Provincial hospital. Following this, hospital's junior staff Jugal Yadav and his two friends reached radio station and threatened the journalist to death for reporting the news.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident as it is sheer violation of press freedom. Reporting news about irregularities and issues of public concern is the right of journalists secured by Nepal's constitution. FF strongly urges the hospital authority to adopt legitimate way for any dissatisfaction on news and respect journalists' rights thereby, ensuring citizen's access to right to information.

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