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Journalists Gurung and Adhikari threatened over news

Journalist Aash Gurung was threatened over news via a social media in Lamjung on June 6 . Lamjung lies in Gandaki Province.

Journalist Gurung is associated with Kantipur Television.

As per representative from Gandaki Province, Rajan Pokharel, journalist Gurung had written news representing Centre for Investigative Journalism about the misuse of agricultural grants. Gurung had mentioned that those who had access were receiving grants without fulfilling grants criteria. He had also highlighted that one who should recommend grants were themselves misusing the grants.

Meanwhile, journalist Gurung was criticized and threatened through social media by cadres of the political parties over the news related to misuse of grants.  Another journalist Rishi Adhikari was also threatened raising questions regarding the dissemination of the same news.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident as it has posed threat to journalists' right to free reporting. Threat to journalist Gurung over news also created a fearful atmosphere to other fellow journalists  who are determined to do investigative reporting. At this time of crisis too, journalists are in the field doing their duty to expose irregularities and misconduct happening in the society. Hence, FF urges the political parties to respect the journalsits and press freedom.