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Journalist Pariyar Issued Death Threat over news

Journalist Govinda Pariyar was issued a death threat over news on June 14, 2020 in Kathmandu. Kathmandu lies in Province 3.

Journalist Pariyar is the Managing Editor of kathmandupress.com online news portal.

As per information received by Freedom Forum's monitoring team, a few days back Kathmandupress.com had published news  about charging high fares on chartered flights by Sumeg Travel Agency.  Meanwhile, Director of the same agency Mega KC threatened journalist Pariyar using foul words over news. Also, Director KC questioned the journalist about the authenticity of the news.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident as journalist Pariyar is threatened over news which has posed a threat to press freedom.  Legal ways are open to file complaints against any kinds of dissatisfaction regarding published content. However, Intimidating journalists only further creates a fearful atmosphere among fellow journalists which is harmful to fair journalism. Hence, FF urges concerned authorities to take action soon and ensure a safe environment for journalists. 

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