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Editor-In-Chief Amrit receives repeated threats for publishing news

A day after a defamatory social media post against nepallive.com online news portal from a secretariat staff of Defense Minister, Editor-in-Chief of the online media, Narayan Amrit, received a threat from an unknown person using the private call ID.

Private caller ID is provided only to the cabinet ministers and the high profile government officials in Nepal.

According to Province-3 representative, Ashok Dahal, Editor-in-Chief of the online, Amrit received repeated calls from the private number on Friday (June 19). "I received a call from a private number at 9:00 am. The unknown caller harassed and threatened me," said Amrit.

The same person called him again at 12:00 noon and threatened, according to him. Editor-in- Chief Amrit had challenged the secretariat staff to establish the allegation. Earlier, Lokendra KC, the secretariat staff at the minister's office, had accused the online of receiving Rs 100 million from the State upon the recommendation from an opposition leader. 

The online media has been carrying various investigative news expolsing irregularities and corruption rife in government activities.

In the recent years, the journalists in Nepal are repeatedly intimidated by those near ministers and power centres to suppress press freedom and misuse media.

Freedom Forum vehemently condemns the threats and strongly urges the concerned Minister to control its staffs for saving free press. Atmosphere to terror to journalists cannot be entertained in the democracy. Those in public offices and in power must respect free expression.


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