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Ward Chair threatens reporter for reporting news

Nanda Ram Khadka, correspondent to News-24 television, was issued threat for news reporting in Rolpa on June 15. Rolpa lies in Province 5.

Freedom Forum's representative Sudeep Gautam reported that the television had broadcasted news entitled- Three injured in an attack by ward chairperson. It was reported by Khadka on June 11.

In response to his news reporting, Ward Chair Nep Bahadur Thapa called Khadka on his mobile phone and threatened for at least 10 minutes accusing him of manipulating the news.

However, according to Gautam, Chair Thapa confessed of attacking with bare hands.

Freedom Forum is concerned over the incident as it is violation of press freedom. Being a responsible authority, ward Chair should be aware of journalists' right to free reporting. FF urges the authority to respect rights of press freedom and create secure atmosphere for journalists.

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