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Journalist Bhattarai called midnight; Threatened to mutilate limbs

Freedom Forum is concerned about the threat issued in the midnight to the journalists associated with www.aayomail.com for the reason of writing news. The editor of the news media, journalist Sunil Bhattarai was called at the midnight inquiring who had written the news then threatened to mutilate limbs on the 2nd of July. The concerned media office is based in Kathmandu, province 3.

Sundar Khanal, the Chief Editor of NEPNSIGHT Media Pvt. LTD told FF, "The threat was regarding a news publication on the topic, "The practice of corruption within the Armed Police Force", the publication of which was continued since 24th of June and news related to "The party registration of the CPN (UML) on 1st of July." From the early morning of the 2nd of July, the media house received multiple amounts of calls using abusive words and asking the location of the media office.  Also, only a day earlier at 6' clock in the evening, three suspicious people siege the office premise and asked some unnecessary questions.

To deny the right to publish news to journalists is to overlook their right to journalism and the public's right to receive true information. Freedom Forum condemns the action of the harassers as the positive criticism should be entertained and appreciated so as to mindful of their future actions and activities. FF also urges the police office to immediately investigate the matter given the seriousness of the crime committed and file a charge sheet to the harasser in the court soonest. FF also urges the District Administration Office to avail the security protection to the journalists to ensure a safe and sound environment for healthy journalism in the country.