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Local attacked journalist apologized later

Journalist Tekendra Basyal was attacked while reporting on July 3 in Nepalgunj. Nepalgunj lies in Province 5.

Basyal is associated with online portal http://globalsamachar.com.np/ .

 According to Freedom Forum's representative for Province 5, Sudip Gautam, journalist Basyal was in the field to report about land dispute which was happening between locals.  Land dispute between two parties was occurred and while reporting about the incident, journalist was attacked from the locals of one party named Aljam Halwai and Chadani Halwai. Even they broke journalist Basyal's camera.  

Later both Aljam and Chandani apologized for their action and also told to journalist that they will compensate the loss of camera which was broke by them.

FF condemns the incident.Journalist Basyal attacked in the field during reporting is intolerable and is against the notion of free press. Hence, FF urges concerned authority to ensure safe environment for journalists. At this time of crisis, journalists are in the field performing their duty. Hence, they must be provided favorable environment for fair reporting. Hence, FF urges  concerned authority to ensure safe environment for journalists and also to locals to be aware of journalists' right 

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