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Political cadre threatens reporter in public

Reporter to Prateek daily Om Prakash Chaudhary was threatened for reporting news by a local political cadre in Parsa district on July 9.Parsa district lies in Province 2 of Nepal.

Freedom Forum's representative for Province 2 Rajan Singh reported that a congress party cadre Hari Narayan Yadav misbehaved with the reporter for writing news about illegal storage and transportation of riverine materials. Yadav also threatened reporter of attack in public and ordered him not to interfere in their matters as those material were used in construction works.

Following the incident, reporter Chaudhary filed a complaint at a near police station, informed representative Singh.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident as it is sheer violation of press freedom. Threatening journalists for doing their job is deplorable. One can approach the regulatory body Press Council Nepal for any dissatisfaction over the news published. Hence, FF strongly urges the concerned authority to resort lawful way and apologize for harassing the media person in public.

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