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Mayor threatens journalists in public

Mayor of Madi Municipality threatened the journalists in public on August 7. Madi Municipality lies in the Bagmati Province of Nepal.

According to FF's representative Ram Mani Dahal, Mayor Thakur Dhakal threatened journalists for reporting news on 'Mayor's order to cut down trees for slum settlement in Chitwan National Park area' while speaking at a program. He also challenged the journalists to verify their news and threatened that he will smear soot on the face of those writing 'fake news'.  

Freedom Forum is alarmed over the statement of the Mayor amid public. It is a gross violation of press freedom. Despite presence of alternative ways to express dissatisfaction over news published, threatening journalists in public is condemnable. Hence, FF strongly urges the concerned to take his words back respecting journalists' right to report on the public issues and ensure citizen's right to information. 

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