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Traffic police obstructs reporter on his way to reporting

Pokhara based reporter to Avenues Television Suman Dhungana was meddled by a police person while heading towards work station on August 25. Pokhara lies in Gandaki Province of Nepal.

FF's representative Rajan Upadhyay reported that a traffic police officer stopped Dhungana on his way to office and made unnecessary questions. The officer made aware the reporter on COVID 19, he added.

With increase in positive cases of coronavirus, Nepal government had announced general shutdown effective from August 20, 2020 to contain COVID 19 infection.

Freedom Forum is concerned over the obstruction caused to the working journalist. Even during shutdown government has ensured free mobility to journalists working for public good and citizen's right to information. Hence, FF urges the authority not to obstruct the reporters from doing their job. At the same time, journalists are urged to maintain health safety on the movement for collecting news.

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