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Tarun Dal Cadres Burn Newspaper

Bandh callers torched newspapers of Kantipur publication in Birgunj in the southern plain of Nepal on January 30, Friday in protest of the cabinet decision of establishing administrative service units in other appropriate places of district. More than 12,000 copies of Dailies-Kantipur National Daily and The Kathmandu Post-and Weeklies of the publication were burnt while being carried for distribution from its Chitwan-based regional office. Responsible office-bearers of Nepal Tarun Dal, a sister organization of main opposition party Nepali Congress, claimed the responsibility of the incident.

NTD, Bara chapter had announced banda in the district protesting the government's decision of expanding administrative services in other areas of district. The agitating group, which was burning tires in Gandak-the entry point to Birgunj- took out all the newspapers from the vehicle and set them on fire.

NTD, Bara district working committee member Sunil Patel admitted that they had burnt the newspapers.

Freedom Forum condemns the act of burning newspapers from the cadres of sister organizations of responsible party and asks the government to bring the guilty into justice. It is an irony for such indecent acts being carried out by the cadres of the party, which has been repeatedly expressing commitment for press freedom and freedom of expression.

The Forum urges NTD's mother party NC to immediately take actions against such miscreants and pay respect to the right to freedom of expression and people's right of access to information.

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