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Journalists lured and threatened to suppress investigative reporting

Reporters duo Raju Poudel and Narayan Aryal were misbehaved while reporting on corruption at Bhadrapur Customs Office in Jhapa district on November 27. Jhapa Lies in the Province-1 of Nepal.

Talking to Freedom Forum's media monitoring desk, reporter to News 24 television Poudel said that a custom officer and a business person invited them at a hotel. In the hotel they were offered bribe to stop their follow-up reporting on the customs office. Thereafter, the businessman tried to snatch their camera when reporters refused to receive the amount and started recording the scene. However, the reporters prevented any damage to camera. Few days earlier, the reporters had exposed a scam in customs office in a program broadcasted through the television.

Moreover, the follow-up recordings were again broadcasted on the television following which the customs staff was suspended and the businessman fled with the fear of being arrested, informed reporter Poudel.

Any attempt to suppress free reporting is sheer violation of press freedom. While corruption and non-transparency have always been the major concern in maintaining good governance at public agencies, the fraud staffs are the major source fueling it. It is worth-sharing that Transparency International has recently shown Nepal as one of the most corrupt countries.

FF urges the concerned authority to respect journalists' right to free reporting and protect press freedom.

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