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Police misbehaves with a female reporter; seized camera and deleted photos

Nepal Police misbehaved with the reporter to https://www.khojsanchar.com/ (an online news portal) Pragya Thaiba in Kathmandu on February 24. Kathmandu is the capital city situated in the Bagmati Province of Nepal.

Photojournalist Thaiba shared with Freedom Forum that while she was reporting on conflict among locals and police persons at police station, one of the officers seized her camera with the order from Police Inspector.

The officer also warned her that she was not allowed to take pictures or videos on the office premises. Later, they deleted the pictures and returned back the camera, she added.

Police had arrested the members of Valley Road Expansion Vitim Struggle Committee for protesting at the metropolitan construction site.

Freedom Forum expresses serious concern over intimidation on photojournalist and deletion of photo from her camera because it is sheer violation of press freedom. Reporting on the issues of public concern is the journalists' rights. 

Hence, FF strongly urges the concerned authority to be aware of journalists' rights and ensure free reporting atmosphere for those in future.

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