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Police persons manhandle senior journalist Dahal

Senior reporter to Naya Patrika national daily Kedar Dahal was manhandled by the police persons while reporting on April 13 in Kathmandu.

Reporter Dahal told Freedom Forum that he was reporting on the people waiting in line at the gate of Indian Embassy to receive travel permission letter.

Meanwhile, on-duty police officers thrashed him and tried to snatch his mobile phone saying he was not allowed to take pictures and videos.   

"They not only accused me of being a fake journalist but also tried to take me under control. However, I was released as soon as a senior officer arrived", said Dahal.

Freedom Forum condemns the intimidation of journalists by security officers'. Such incidents depict that lower-level police persons need to be oriented about journalists' right to free press.  Moreover, Freedom Forum also urges the authority to respect the right of journalists and ensure free and fair reporting atmosphere.

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