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Youtuber KC attacked for news reporting

A YouTuber has been attacked merely for a reporting on death of a person at a rehabilitation centre of Panchkhal Municipality of Kavre district.

YouTuber of Crime TV Nepal, Kuslab KC, was attacked by the proprietor of rehabilitation centre, Rabin Tamang, and a group he led, on April 21. The story was released a day before.

YouTuber KC had reported the incident after locals complained that the person kept at rehabilitation died because of the carelessness of rehab proprietor. 

However, Tamang and his group argued that the news defamed him.

Freedom Forum condemns the attack on media person. Intimidation on media person merely for news reporting is against press freedom. If the rehab owner had any discontent on news, he could take legal recourse, but resorting to attack is against press freedom.

FF therefore urges the security agency to take punitive action against the attacker.


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