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Reporter manhandled for publishing news

Reporter manhandled for publishing news

Photo credit: Rajan Singh/ Province 2

Reporter to https://enewsbureau.com/ Surendra Kumar Yadav was manhandled for reporting news in Dhanusha on August 14. Dhanusha district lies in Province 2 of Nepal.

According to Freedom Forum's representative Rajan Singh, news about a place Hanuman Chowk renamed as Islam Chowk was published on the online news portal on the day of the incident. Following the news publication, a person named Yamraj Safi called on the editor Kashindra Sharma's mobile and asked him to meet at around 4:00 pm.

Editor Sharma sent reporter Yadav instead to meet Safi at the planned place. As soon as Yadav reached the place, a group of 15-20 attempted to attack Yadav and threatened him to delete the news published on the new portal.

Freedom Forum condemns the harassment of journalists for reporting news. The incident depicts unawareness of the citizens about legitimate ways to express discontent over published news and how unsafe are the journalists. Hence, FF strongly urges the concerned to apologize for the intimidation to journalists and the security authority to ensure a fear-free atmosphere for working journalists.

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