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Youtubers held allegedly for 'cybercrime', misuse of ETA continues unabated 

Yet again, Nepal Police arrested four youtubers under cyber crime charge from Kathmandu on September 29. Kathmandu is the federal capital of Nepal.

Pradip Bhandari belonging to Dainik Nepal YouTube Channel, Shishir Adhikari from Harek Palko Khabar YouTube Channel, Pinkala Karki from Saraichuli Media YouTube Channel and Rodhan Tamang from Modern Online TV were arrested for allegedly broadcasting news accusing a woman's involvement in a fraud case

The accused woman had filed a complaint at the Cyber Bureau of Nepal Police against the media persons for circulating fake messages and accusing them of defaming her.According to the police, the media persons were arrested after order from the Kathmandu District Court and were charged under Electronic Transaction Act. They are under Cyber Bureau's custody for further investigation

A fellow journalist working for the online TV presenters told Freedom Forum that lately, the government had been targeting youtube presenters and regulating their contents which is unacceptable and against the law.

Currently, the video about the woman has been deleted from all four media

Freedom Forum is concerned over the arrest of youtubers under cyber crime charge. The case could be filed under defamation instead of ETA. Time and again, the authorities have been misusing provisions of ETA to silence the public and suppress their right to free expression and journalists.

For long, FF has been denouncing the misuse of ETA Section 47 which has harrassed numerous citizens and journalists since its inception in Nepal. So, FF wants the early release of the detained youtubers. Similarly, FF urges youtubers to abide by journalistic code so that they can develop professionalism and avoid cyber intimidation. 

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