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Harassment against journalist Regmi for reporting, safety necessary

It has been learnt that a complaint was filed at District Administration Office, Kathmandu against reporter at Headline Media, Sanjeeb Regmi, on September 8 following the news he aired on a fraudster.

Reporter Regmi had aired news featuring a fraud case involving a local Sagar Thapa. Police arrested Thapa after the news. Since then, Regmi has been receiving threats of physical attack through phone calls, messages and social media pages.

In addition to this, Thapa's wife has alleged lodged a 'fake complaint' against Regmi at Kathmandu DAO on the basis of which police is searching Regmi to arrest him.

Freedom Forum is concerned over security of the journalist. A journalist should neither be abused nor arrested for his reporting or published news content. The concerned ones should rather file a complaint at Press Council Nepal, a media regulatory body in case of dissatisfaction over news.

Hence, FF also draws the attention of the government, National Human Rights Commission, and Nepal Police to ensure safety to journalist Regmi and investigate the case fairly respecting right to press freedom enshrined in the constitution.

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