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Obstruction on reporting

Journalists were barred from reporting ministers' oath-taking ceremony in the office of Bagmati Province Chief, Hetauda on December 14. Hetauda lies in the Bagmati Province of Nepal.

Freedom Forum's representative for Bagmati Province Ram Mani Dahal informed that only journalists from state-owned media were allowed to enter the hall where newly appointed ministers were taking oath.

Despite repeated requests of the journalists, those from private media were left outside the office gate till the end of the program, complained senior journalist Dahal.

Earlier in September 2021 too, the province assembly had barred journalists from entering the assembly for reporting.

Freedom Forum condemns the action of the province government as it is an absolute violation of press freedom. Government's activities are always of public concern and media have an important role in disseminating information among the public. Meting out discrimination between journalists from State-owned and private media is sheer irresponsible act.

FF therefore, strongly urges the concerned authority to ensure free and fair reporting atmosphere for journalists in future.

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