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Attack on reporter 

Reporter with todaykhoj.com news portal, Shibendra Rohita was attacked while covering a protest in Janakpur on January 26. Janakpur is the capital city of the Madhesh Province.

According to Freedom Forum's representative at the province Rajan Singh, reporter Rohita was taking pictures of the protest of a political party.

Cadres of Janamat Party have been protesting for the rights of farmers at different places in the city.

Meanwhile, police persons started baton charge upon protestors and the reporter. Rohita has sutained minor injuries, while his mobile was also broken due to the attack.

Police persons on duty, however, claimed that the reporter was beaten because he did not wear the press jacket, informed Singh.

Freedom Forum is concerned over the incident as it violates jorunalists' right to free reporting. The police persons should be able to differentiate journalists from the protestors while taming the protest. 

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