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Death threat for reporting on new minister

Surkhet based reporter at www.ukeraa.com Jagatdal Janala BK was issued death threat for reporting news about the newly appointed minister in Karnali Province on February 7.

Reporter BK told Freedom Forum that he had published news about appointment of a non-parliamentarian Chhiring Damdul Lama as a minister in Karnali Province government on February 4. Following the news publication, Lama's supporters started to threaten reporter BK through calls and messages on his mobile phone, warning him not to publish such news or else bear consequences.

"On the day of incident, when I was on the way to home from office, few motorbikes followed me. I was scared. However, I did not stop and contacted fellow journalists about the incident after reaching home", he shared.  

Few supporters of the minister have also written abusive messages on the social media page against the reporter.  

"I have not registered any complaint at the police station but I have informed them about the case", he informed.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident. The news website has clearly requested anyone who has any complaint or information regarding the published news to email at its official email address. Moreover, there is also an alternative way to complain at Press Council Nepal for any dissatisfaction over the news. But threatening reporter and harassing him for doing his job is an absolute violation press freedom.

The leader as well as his supporter should be well-aware of journalists rights to free press. Hence, FF strongly urges the security authority to ensure safety of the journalist to avoid any untoward incident against him in the future.

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