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Journalists abused digitally 

Journalist Ganesh BK and a businessman Prithvi Bahadur Shah made an abusive post on their social media pages about noted journalists Krishna Acharya and Matrika Dahal on April 13, 2022. Journalists Acharya and Dahal are associated with the Kantipur national daily.

Journalist BK posted photos of social media profile page of the journalists Acharya and Dahal on his Facebook page along with a status mentioning- Kantipur daily blackmails a person under depression pills in midnight through phone calls. On this post, businessman Shah has written abusive and threatening comments about the journalists.

The posts and comments came after the news critical to businessman Shah was published on the Kantipur daily.

Freedom Forum is concerned about the incident. Instead of resorting to the legal way of expressing dissatisfaction over the published news, defaming and abusing journalists on the public space for their profession is sheer violation of press freedom.

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