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Death threat issued to reporter for writing news  

Humla-based reporter to Nayapatrika daily Narajan Tamang was issued death threat for his reporting on April 23. Humla lies in Karnali Province of Nepal.

Reporter Tamang shared with Freedom Forum that on April 22, he had reported on the dispute among political parties for chairperson candidacy in upcoming local level election at Chankheli Rural Municipality, Humla. The news also reported on the attack upon a political leader Lal Kesh Jaisi during the incident because of his biased involvement in selecting a candidate through lottery.  

Following the publication of news, followers and family members of Jaisi wrote abusive posts on social media, sent threatening and abusive messages to Tamang and few also posted 'condolence messages' bearing reporter Tamang's photo on social media.

One of the posts reads - "How dare you write the fake news? Can you post the photo of attack? Where do you live? I will slit your throat and throw into river."

"The messages and posts have disturbed me. I am afraid to go for field reporting. I have also informed Chief District Officer and police about the incident. But they have not initiated any investigation on the case", said reporter Tamang.

Freedom Forum condemns the incident as it is sheer violation of press freedom. Abusing and threatening a journalist for his/ her reporting is against the constitutionally guaranteed right to free press and information. FF strongly urges the concerned sides to resort to legitimate way for complaining against the published news. The local administration and security authority are also urged to carry out fair investigation on the case and ensure adequate security to the journalists so that no untoward incident would happen to the reporter.

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