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Journalist detained for reporting

Editor at Naya Bikalpa daily and its online edition- https://www.bikalpadainik.com/, Rani Vibas was detained for two hours in Kanchanpur on June 20.m Kanchanpur lies in Farwest Province of Nepal.

Editor Vibas shared with Freedom Forum that he had reached a road construction site nearby his office to report on an ablaze tanker carrying coal tar in Mahendranagar.

"As I approached a police officer at the site to ask whether they prepared any incident report, a police inspector Lokendra SinghThagunna ordered his subordinates to arrest me", editor Vibas said, "Then, immediately the officials pushed me into their van and took me for the medical examination at 10:00 pm. After the examination, they handed me a charge sheet with an offense against public order and held me for two hours at the ward police station."

Editor Vibas further said that he had also informed the police officials about his profession and his office but they did not listen to him.

Later on June 21, editor Vibas along with fellow journalists submitted a memorandum to the Superintendent of Police Shyam Singh Chaudhary demanding action against Inspector Thagunna.

On this, SP Chaudhary apologized for the misconduct of his officer and assured that such incident will not be repeated in future and that he will also take action against Thagunna, according to the editor.

Freedom Forum vehemently condemns the incident. Taking a journalist on duty under control for no reason is a gross violation of press freedom. Hence, FF strongly urges the concerned authority to fairly probe the case and ensure a safe atmosphere for working journalists.

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